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Celebrating EMS Week


The local paramedics from Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital are offering a free program to all residents of Tioga County senior housing. In appreciation of residents in Tioga County, paramedics are bringing residents the FREE File of Life, Yellow DOT System and DOT Registry programs. Paramedics will be visiting buildings in Tioga County in the coming weeks and helping tenants complete these extremely important, often life saving documents.

File of Life is a voluntary program held throughout Pennsylvania and the United States created to help paramedics and first responders to quickly obtain your important medical history, your support needs and your emergency contact information. The File of Life could help save your life. You will receive a red refrigerator magnet to store your File of Life information, and in the case of an emergency, medical personnel will refer to your File of Life when considering your emergency care. For more information, go to

Pennsylvania’s Yellow Dot Program was established to assist motorists in the case of emergency and immediately following an accident when because of injury, they might not be able to convey their medical needs effectively.  By positioning a yellow dot in their vehicle’s rear window, motorists alert paramedics and first responders to check the glove compartment for important medical documents and directives, making sure they receive the medical treatment required as quickly as possible. For more information, go to

These programs are scheduled as follows:

May 14th – Forestview Manor Community Room

May 15th – Lawrenceville Elderly Community Room

May 16th – Park Hill Manor Community Room

May 18th – Pinnacle Towers Community Room

May 19th – Sherwood Manor Community Room

May 20th – Riverside Park Community Room

May 21st – Nelson Elderly

May 21st – Fellows Town Community Room

May 28th – Riverside Manor Community Room


*All programs begin at 8am

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