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Easter Celebrations!

DSCN0842Children and parents in public housing enjoyed Easter celebrations last week. Children from Canton, Blossburg, Westfield, Elkland, Nelson and Lawrenceville – over 40 children in all – participated in local Easter parties hosted by the Housing Authority. A representative from AmeriHealth facilitated a “Summer and Outdoor Safety” program, and Bradford/Tioga Head Start had representatives present to meet with parents. In addition, each child walked away with candy, toys, clothing, new toothbrushes, sunscreen and much, much more! Thanks to generous donations from Canton Dentistry and Why Not You Ministries as well as the continued collaboration with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, children and families benefited tremendously. 

And what would an Easter celebration be without an Easter Bunny or an egg hunt? Children scoured the front lawn at Forestview Manor and Riverside Park, collecting eggs and returning them for their “golden ticket egg”, guaranteeing them one of many great prizes and giveaways. And one lucky child, Jayden Beatty, found the grand prize ticket and won a Wii Mario Kart race track! To finish up the festivities, each child had the opportunity to have their picture taken with a pair of Easter bunnies! 

All who attended were extremely thankful that the Housing Authority once again offered the Easter parties, and are looking forward to celebrating next year!



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