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Now Accepting Bids

*Riverside Cottages, Diehl Street, Blossburg, PA:  Renovate (8) Cottage concrete stoops and sidewalk, reseeding, temporary egress.
*Park Hill Manor, Grant Street, Willsboro, PA:  Reline Sewer Drain Courtyard and D Wing
*Tabor Townhouses, Tabor Street, Blossburg, PA:  Remodel Apartment Unit Bathrooms including new fixtures, new vanities with integral sink, LVT flooring, paint, etc.; Replace      interior doors, door frames and door hardware – (4) units; Replace First Floor flooring in (4) units with new LVT.
*Forestview Manor, Forestview Avenue, Elkland, PA:  Upgrade Elevator; Replace Windows in 28 Apartments; Provide (10) additional flexible screens.
*Riverside Manor, Race Street, Westfield, PA:  Upgrade 2 Elevators



*McCallum Manor, 10 S. Minnequa Ave., Canton, PA:   Replace 2nd Floor Common Area Flooring; Replace Roof Air Handler
*Page Manor, 502 Church St., Athens, PA:   Replace Thermostats and Zone Valves in 100 Apartments; Replace RTU.
*Colonial Towers, 131 Colonial Drive, Towanda, PA:  Provide 10 additional flexible screens; Unit Price to replace windows in One (1) unit.
*Keystone Manor, 900 N. Elmer Ave., Sayre, PA:  Upgrade 2 Elevators; Replace Flooring in 10 Apartments; Unit price to replace flooring in One (1) unit.


For more information and complete bid instructions please see our “About Us” page; Bid Information – Tioga Bradford Housing (

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