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Elderly and Low Income Family developments have been established in both Bradford and Tioga Counties.

All elderly units are independent apartments with a kitchen, bath, living room and bedroom, or combined living/sleeping area. A refrigerator and range are provided by the Authority. The tenant must provide all other furnishings. There are community rooms with kitchens for social gatherings located in each elderly project. The Authority does not provide any meals or medical services. Transportation services are provided through EMTA and the Authority owned van. Tenants must be self- sufficient householders.

The low income family projects contain 1, 2, 3, & 4 bedroom units. These are also furnished with ranges and refrigerators.

Both the elderly and family projects are available to handicapped or disabled persons. All projects have specially designed handicap accessible units. Request for Reasonable Accommodations can be made through submitting a request form, which can be obtained through any Housing Authority Office.

All Housing Authority owned and operated buildings are SMOKE FREE. No smoking is permitted within 25 feet of any Housing Authority Building.

Only lower income households may occupy the public housing units. Eligibility is based on household income. Rent is 30% of adjusted household income.

Tioga County Public Housing

Bradford County Public Housing


Income Limits

The Tioga & Bradford County Housing Authorities have Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance available to qualified applicants.

The participants in the program must be below 50% of the median income in each county to qualify.  The program will contribute the difference between 30% of eligible tenants’ income and their gross rent (rent and utilities.)

The process involves the location of a qualified rental property by the tenant.  The monthly rent must be within HUD’s “Fair Market Rent” number, and it must pass a physical inspection to ensure it is safe for habitation.

The Tioga Redevelopment Authority was established in 1963 as a result of the Pennsylvania Urban Redevelopment Law.  This law gave counties the authority to address blighted areas within their communities.  The Tioga Redevelopment Authority along with the Housing Authority of Tioga County and the Bradford County Housing Authority operate jointly to address the housing needs of the elderly, low income families and those with disabilities.

The Redevelopment Authority of Tioga County has administered the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Tioga County since 1985.  This Federal Entitlement Funding from HUD was passed through to Tioga County by the state agency known today as Department of Community and Economic Development.  These funds enable the County to fund a wide variety of public projects for Tioga County municipalities including water/sewer projects, housing improvement programs, and facility upgrades for low and moderate income residents. Since 1985 Tioga County has received 8,330,527 million dollars in CDBG Entitlement funds and 1,250,000 million from the Competitive CDBG program which have been distributed to the municipalities. 

These funds were developed to assist areas that are experiencing a crisis resulting from a natural disaster, blighted communities, and areas where the beneficiaries meet the Low Income Guidelines.


The Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) for the Tioga/Bradford County Housing Authority provide a connection between the residents and the supportive services within the area communities.

Resident Service Coordinators are here to assist TBHA residents with programs and services related to health care, wellness, nutrition and meals, continued independent living, budgeting, transportation, and case management. The RSC is also here to address the main needs and difficulties of residents that have potential to jeopardize tenancy.

Through promotion of effective partnerships, the Resident Service Coordinators aim to enhance residents’ quality of life and build healthy communities within both Tioga and Bradford Counties.

Please contact your Resident Service Coordinators, Crystal Barnard and Erin Leonard at:

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